TAX Compliance Management System: The Art of Unassailable Tax Compliance

Tax compliance by companies and the issue of tax evasion have become increasingly explosive over the years. Accordingly, a functioning TAX Compliance System (TAX CMS) is important for companies and their management. After all, this is the professional way to deal with risks associated with violations of tax regulations. In this way, responsible managers and their companies protect themselves against tax risks and their often serious consequences.

Some examples show how we support you with a TAX Compliance Management System and where we generate economic benefits for you:

  • You control all tax risks with a TAX CMS that we, as your consultants, carefully tailor to your company’s requirements. Specifically, these management tasks are: Identify risks, assess risks, manage risks. This also applies with regard to personal liability risks.
  • With a TAX CMS, you define the guidelines and instructions for action at all levels of your company that you need to avoid tax law violations in the best possible way. This serves not least to optimize your tax burden.
  • Thanks to the tax law expertise of our consultants, you will always be on the ball. We keep the TAX CMS developed for your company up to date with the latest tax legislation, including regulations and case law.
  • If, despite all the care you have taken, a tax incident should occur in your company, the TAX CMS will serve as proof for the tax authorities and tax courts that you have performed your management tasks professionally, i.e. that you have nothing to reproach yourself for. With a TAX Compliance Management System from TAXON, you will always be in a good position before the tax authorities and the tax court.

TAXON GmbH advises medium-sized companies in private and public ownership. Tax consultants, auditors and controllers all work together as a team. It is up to you how you use our expertise and services. We suggest: for that additional competitive edge.

The introduction of compliance systems is an opportunity, not a burden.

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VALUE ADDED: You can count on these benefits

Avoid criminal tax risks and liability risks

Optimize your tax burden

Protect your business

SERVICES: These are the tasks we perform for you as experts in tax compliance

Introduction of Tax Compliance Management System

  • Implementation of TAX CMS
  • Creation of guidelines and instructions
  • Certification by auditors according to recognized auditing standards

Audit of Tax Compliance Management System

  • Audit of the TAX CMS by auditors
  • Adequacy audit
  • Efficacy audit

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TAX Compliance Management System: What You Should Know

A Tax Compliance Management System is the systematic assurance of compliance with tax regulations in a company at all levels. The German Federal Ministry of Finance has clearly strengthened the importance of a TAX CMS in companies in the application decree for the German Tax Code.

In other words, successful companies today cannot do without a TAX Compliance Management System. A management that does without this effective tool maximizes its risks instead of minimizing them – including personal liability risk.

With a TAX CMS you create the necessary structure in your company to comply with tax law obligations. You take organizational precautions to effectively prevent breaches of tax obligations.

TAXON supports you and your company in coping with the ever-increasing requirements of tax law and offers you a whole range of economic advantages through a well thought-out TAX Compliance Management System:

  • Optimization of the tax burden
  • Avoidance of criminal tax risks and liability risks
  • Creation of systematic framework conditions
  • Provision of guidelines and instructions

An effective TAX CMS minimizes rule violations within inbuilt limits, in particular through human error. The installation of a TAX CMS in the sense of an internal control system is also understood by the tax authorities and tax courts as an indication that speaks against the assumption of intent and recklessness.

In addition, a simplified report display in this system serves as proof of the function of the internal structure. The audit is carried out by auditors in accordance with the recognized auditing standard IDW PS 980.

In practice, the concrete design depends on numerous factors, including the size, legal form and international orientation of the company, the structure of the shareholders and many other factors.

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