TAXON Special: We solve complex challenges with interdisciplinary competence teams.

data and documents – calculation of land values – preparation of tax return

In Germany, approximately 36 million properties must be revalued. The reason is the land tax reform. Following a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, new rules now apply. If you are a real estate owner, you should urgently take care of this issue. Because the recalculation starts: now!

guidelines – instructions – implementation – adequacy check – effectiveness check – certification

Compliance with tax regulations by companies and the issue of tax evasion have become increasingly explosive over the years. Accordingly, a functioning TAX Compliance System (TAX CMS) is important for companies and their management. After all, this is the professional way to deal with risks associated with violations of tax regulations.

advice on technical requirements – planning organizational changes – structuring workflows – alternative software solutions

The digital processing of information has long shaped our business life. This applies to both internal and external communication. And yet: in financial accounting, paper still plays the main role for many companies. Does that make sense? Hardly! In fact, switching to digital incoming invoices offers a whole range of economic benefits.