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Four partners – Norbert Pannecke, Bernd Kittendorf, Oliver Schlenker, Udo Bensing – manage TAXON with great skill. Their own personal style characterises the pronouncedly individual advice offered to the clients, the co-operative spirit of the common vision.


Dipl.-Kfm. Norbert Pannecke

  • Born on 7.10.1951
  • Studied at the University of Hamburg
  • Professional qualifications
  • 1983 Auditor
  • 1989 Tax consultant
  • Joined TAXON in 1981

Norbert Pannecke is your contact person for all tax- and business management-related problems including auditing. The focal points of his interest lie in the tax- and business management- related creative consultancy, international tax legislation and the solving of problems related to hereditary. Among his clients are medium-sized industrial and service providing companies, charitable societies, clubs and foundations as well as wealthy private persons.


Dipl.-Volkswirt Udo H. Bensing

  • Born on 5. October 1952
  • Studied at the universities of Münster and Cologne
  • Professional qualifications
  • 1986 Tax consultant
  • 1992 Auditor
  • Joined TAXON in 2007

His clients are companies of all sizes and business combinations. His main activities cover auditing, mergers and acquisitions, valuation services and other consulting services related to auditing. He is skilled in the implementation of several systems, e.g. for reporting, transfer pricing, controlling and SOX compliance. With regard to the long time he worked for one of the Big Four audit companies he has extensive experience in international accounting. For several years he was CFO for a leading European Group in the food sector. He also represents TAXON in the PrimeGlobal Association of Independent Accounting Firms (PrimeGlobal).

Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd Kittendorf

  • Born on 02.01.1959
  • Studied at the Lüneburg Institute of Higher Education
  • Professional qualifications
  • 1991 Tax consultant
  • Joined TAXON in 1984

Bernd Kittendorf is your contact person for all questions relating to taxes and business management problems. The main focal points of his consultancy lie in the advising on tax matters of companies of all legal forms, the advising on and implementation of restructuring/conversion concepts and the working out of models for the succession in private companies from one generation to the next. Medium-sized companies of all types are to be counted among his clients.


Dipl.-Kfm. Oliver Schlenker

  • Born on 06.12.1962
  • Studied at the University of Cologne
  • Professional qualifications
  • 1993 Tax consultant
  • 1998 Auditor
  • Inspector for Quality Control according to § 57a paragraph 3 WPO
  • Joined TAXON in 1990

Among his clients are medium-sized companies of all kinds as well as local authorities and companies close to them (Department of Works, Water and Sewage Associations and their own companies). The main focal points of his activities lie in the fields of auditing and advising in matters related to local authorities as well as in the care of charitable associations including the planning of their tax affairs. He has also been implementing quality control checks since the end of 2003. Oliver Schlenker is a member of all the relevant professional associations. He also represents TAXON in the PrimeGlobal Association of Independent Account Firms (PrimeGlobal) and is responsible for quality control within our company.