WirtschaftsprĂĽfung Steuerberatung Unternehmensberatung


The demands made upon the annual audit have been significantly extended, and not just since the Enron – scandal. The ongoing reforms in the field of shares, balance sheet and supervisory legislation are the consequent continuation of this development in Germany.

We have prepared ourselves for the increasing significance of international facts. Our approach to the audit corresponds both to the national and international requirements and takes into account the increasing significance of processes in accountancy and the IT-environment.

For all that, the human being remains at the centre of our attentions. For this reason we place great value upon the personal contact to our clients. The better we understand you and your company, the more you can profit from our work. We do not restrict ourselves to the determination of mistakes and weaknesses, but also support you as far as possible in their rectification.

Our services encompass:

  • Annual and consolidated group audits according to HGB, IFRS und US-GAAP
  • System inspections (Risk management, Internal Control System, Sarbanes-Oxley 404)
  • Special inspections (embezzlement, fraud, inspections due to shares legislation etc.)
  • Internal Revision / Internal Audit
  • Change over of the accounts system to IFRS
  • Other (deployment of means, HGrG, DSD, VerpackV, MaBV)


Almost every company uses IT-supported accounting systems, the information from which flows into the end of year settlements or other evaluations. Functioning IT-based information systems are thus of essential significance for the success of the company.
Our IT-company is specialised in providing such a service. Our employees have many years’ experience in the field of accountancy, IT-systems and process analyses, so that we can offer you qualified consultancy form one source across all interfaces.

Our services cover:

  • Support of the annual audit
  • Software Certificates
  • Testing of IT Controls
  • GdPdU-tests
  • Project-related consultancy
  • IT-Due Diligence
  • IT-Audit